Glasstem manufactures glass tempering furnaces on customized basis.These tempered glass machines are well operated in China and abroad. Glasstem has dedicated to the continued pursuit of excellence in the field of glass industry since its establishment in 1995. Quality and continuous improvement are our top priority. We take pride in and strongly guard our position in China as a superior supplier of glass tempering furnaces as well as glass technology services.

In today's tough, competitive glass industry, it's just not enough to be expert in one aspect. What
differentiates Glasstem most is our extensive glass industry experience. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry from primary float glass manufacturing to glass processing. We focus on important factors like reliability, easy maintenance, easy operation,and flexibility.

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Glass Tempering Plants:

Horizontal Glass Tempering Machines:
SRF: Standard Radiation Tempering Furnaces
ERF: Economical Radiation Tempering Furnaces
BFT: Bent and Flat Tempering Furnaces
Mini Glass Toughening Ovens:

Mini Tempering Furnaces: For small glass panels down to 50 x 50 mm and upto 600mm x 1800 mm
Convection toughening Machines for Low-E glass 

New Toughening Furnace with Enhanced Convection Heating System(ECHS)
Quick and cost saving solution: Retrofiting ECHS on existing toughening furnaces
Continuous glass tempering Furnaces

Suitable for glass cover and substrate of solar cell panel.This furnaces are widely used in photovoltaic industry.

Machines for Special Glass Tempering Plant:

HST Heat Soak Test Oven – spontaneous broken of tempered glass can be avoided by submitting the tempered glass to a heat treatment cycle based on European Standard EN14179. 
Vetical Glass Tempering Furnaces

Shape Glass Tempering Machines for washing basin, coffee table, lamp cover etc.

Float Glass Machines and Plant:

A float plant, which operates non-stop for between 10-15 years, melts raw materials mixture into glass from 100 tons to 1000 tons every 24 hours. Equipment investment may vary between USD15,000,000 to USD100,000,000 depending on the daily melting capacity.

Glass Stress Measuring Instrument and Services:

SSI-Surface Stress Meter: non-destructive quality control for tempered glass 

SM-100 Senamont method poriscope for annealed glass

SM-450  Senamont method polariscope for annealed glass of large size

SV-100 polari-torch for qualitative juge on tempered glass

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